In the current low interest rate environment, the property market can offer attractive and predictable rental yields or compelling refurbishment investment opportunities. Our experienced professionals can offer advice and support on property investments in London, the Home Counties and around the world.

History has proved it. Through the most challenging of times, property has consistently provided excellent long-term capital growth. And with rock-bottom interest rates, buy-to-let property can also generate regular income streams. Alternatively, individual property development investments can generate high rates of return over short time horizons.

With the gap between housing demand and supply set to grow over the next few years – especially in London – the curren

t market conditions provide enormous opportunities for potential property investors. But with changes to the UK tax regime, and often complex local market conditions, expert advice is essential to ensure that your future investment expectations can be met.

Our property investment consultants can find your ideal property, negotiate the most attractive price, complete the deal on your behalf, and position the property to attract the highest quality tenants or the right buyer. We can also manage the property for you once a suitable tenant is found.

Our property investment services include:

Initial consultation

Initial consultation to build a thorough understanding of your investment objectives, and to advise you on current market conditions and on areas that will most effectively maximise your property investment goals.

Research and preview

Research and preview to identify and source suitable properties, using our extensive connections within the industry to access suitable investment opportunities ahead of the competition

Property tour

Property tour of shortlisted properties, with advice on the local areas and amenities, pricing, rental values and yields.


Negotiation. We understand the meaning of value and will negotiate hard on your behalf to ensure that the property you decide to purchase will meet your future investment expectations.

Legal liaison

Legal liaison, working on your behalf with leading law firms and surveyors to ensure the purchase runs smoothly through to a successful completion.

Post purchase

Post purchase, our dedicated Property Management Service can manage and oversee the entire lettings process for your property.

Refurbishment management

Refurbishment management. Using our network of architects, planning consultants, interior designers and tradesman, we can help position the property for enhanced rental yields or on-sale, cost-effectively and with minimal hassle.

Bi-annual review.

Bi-annual review. We keep in regular contact with you, updating you on local market conditions and providing you with comparable sales data, so you can see how your asset is performing over time, and make an informed decision on when might be an opportune time to sell.