Knight Young is a market leader in advising on the investment and development market for residential property. We have helped private and institutional clients complete deals collectively valued at many hundreds of millions of pounds, assisting specialist and non-specialist investors undertake residential property development investments.

Our Property Development and Management service is aimed at investors seeking development opportunities on consented land, looking to take planning risk on unconsented sites, or who are considering a change-of-use commercial property investment. Alternatively, we can introduce property investors to developers seeking financing. We can provide investors with specialist advice and guidance for a fraction of the cost of developing in-house capacity.

Years of experience as buying agents give us invaluable insight as to local market conditions across London and in other prime UK markets, helping to guide investors both in identifying property development opportunities, and in the type of developments that are likely to prove popular.

Our property development and management services include:

Market analysis based on our continuous conversations with prime residential developers, agents and lawyers
Investment sourcing, to identify property investment opportunities often before they come on to the market
Debt sourcing to help put the finances in place to fund a development opportunity
Financial appraisals of specific opportunities to provide initial due diligence on investments offered, and to provide an assessment of local market potential for completed units
Planning and consents advisory, to help clients understand the costs, time frames and intricacies involved, which can be crucial in assessing the viability of a project at the outset.
Project management, offering access to a broad range of designers, architects, project managers, surveyors and engineers, helping to hand pick the perfect team to suit the client and the development.

From single unit to extensive multi-unit schemes in prime central London and nationwide, we have access to a wide range of opportunities to suit any type of investor or developer.