As your buying agents, we collect, analyse and use inside information and follow up on leads to ensure we find exactly the home or investment property you asked us to find. Information on properties is gathered by every means possible. Through our extensive network of contacts. Through our resolute resolve. Whatever gives you the greatest advantage. To put you first in line, we don’t waste a second.

We understand securing your ideal property can be frustrating and time-consuming. Where do you start? As your buying agents, we start with clarity and we don’t give in until we get what you’re looking for.

Through years of experience we have a refined our process and know what exactly what needs to done as your buying agent. Our process is clear and simple:

We start by meeting you to build a real understanding of your aims and objectives. We advise you on current property market conditions and suggest areas to maximise your budget (we specialise in properties in London, Greater London and the Home Counties. however we will go anywhere to find what you are looking for).
Distances between properties can be considerable. Houses and apartments that look perfect in a photograph can turn out to be wholly unsuitable. As a buying agency, we view and shortlist suitable properties saving you valuable time, as we will only show you properties that we have previewed on your behalf and that meet with all your requirements.
A thorough property search can take weeks, even months. With our contacts, our expertise and negotiating skills, we can cut the time – without taking shortcuts or comprising your needs.
The demand for good quality properties often outstrips supply. Prime London and country homes can be sold long before they’re advertised. Armed with your brief, our buying consultants identify the best property, often before it is offered on the open market.
Knowing the property is one thing. What about the area? We accompany you on viewings to shortlisted properties. As your buying agents we advise you on the local area, amenities and pricing. We give you an objective overview of the property and pricing so that you are fully equipped to make an informed buying decision.
The property may be right. But the price? As your buying agency, we use expert negotiating skills to secure the right property at the best possible price – on the most favourable terms.
To do this, you need an expert. We work with leading law firms who we recommend to our clients. Our buying agents then manage the legal process throughout to ensure the purchase holds together through to completion and handing over the keys.